What do you know about us?

Who we are ?

Everything started in Germany in 1991. An idea grew to give life to a solidarity work that would help the needy people of our community. The Committee of the General Conference supported this project, and necessary arrangements were made to legally register this organisation. The responsibility of this new department was given to Sister S.M. Rizzo Mascerà, as the director. She worked over 20 years with love and fervour for the department until her retirement. The department received the name of “The social work of the Good Samaritan”, and belongs to the International Missionary Society Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement. It is based upon the Biblical example given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 10:30-37, that we have to provide help to the needy people of our community, including giving external social help without distinction of religion or culture. The Good Samaritan is a non-profit organisation, with philanthropic purposes and charity. In 2012, a new director was elected for this department, Brother Stefano La Corte. This noble work is to continue with the help of “The Good Samaritan” department, which main office is located in Italy. Through this webpage, we want to share with you what has been the history of these twenty-five years, what has been done with intensive efforts and fulfilled with great experiences, as well as the work we are realising, and the work that still needs to be done. Our department is present on the following continents: Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia (Pacific Islands). In each of the countries on these continents, we have a contact person on the site who informs us exactly about the situation of the needy people. After examining each individual case, donations are distributed fairly. Then the contact person is responsible with sending us receipts, and when possible attached pictures. So, if the donor wants to receive news about his donation, it is available.

Use of the donations:

- School fees for orphans and children of families without enough recourses to pay them.

- Food for the poor, widows, and orphans (financial support to survive).

- Reconstruction of huts after natural disasters (for example: floods and earthquakes).

- Surgeries, medicine, beds, walking framers.

- Projects for helping people to help themselves.

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As often as possible we travel to these countries to see the projects and situations of the needy. The work involves much work, so the combining of many hands is needed to fulfil this noble mission, to alleviate the suffering of those, who often don’t know if they will survive tomorrow. New petitions are always coming in from the countries mentioned above. With God’s help, it is possible to share the funds according to the people and their needs. To help others make people happy and glad and thankful are those who receive. The Bible tells us that God will bless those who give to the ones in need. So, may God bless your donation and those who will receive. Your donation will always reach the concerned people. Matthew 25:40.
Something very important on our journeys is also to share the gospel with the needy to strengthen their faith. We always travel with little presents for the children and we bring clothes, shoes etc. in our luggage to make them feel happy. On this website, you can also read reports from people who have travelled with us and want to share their experience...

Thank you for your kindness